Stock Market Investing For Kids

The #1 Investing book for kids. This book contains everything you need to know about investing in the stock market. Buy Now style 1 button


Stock Market Investing For Kids is the #1 investing for kids book. It contains everything that your kid or teen needs to know about investing in the stock market. It’s also short – only thirty pages – and written by a kid (me) who understands what we want to read. Here is the outline of the book:

  • Part 1: Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Why Investing?
    • What is Investing?
  • Part 2: Portfolio Construction
    • Understanding the Metrics
    • Portfolio Construction
    • The Easy Portfolio
    • Investing Strategy
    • Picking Individual Stocks
  • Part 3: Getting Started

Usually, investing books for kids are boring, long, and don’t show your kid or teen the real tactics that will help them make money over the long term. This book is the best of both worlds. I give practical, honest advice that I would use myself. I also gave the reading experience that I would want: 

In my research for this book, I gathered information from all the best sources: The Simple Path To Wealth by Jim Collins, Playing With Fire by Scott Rieken, ChooseFI by Chris Mamula, and many more podcasts and articles.

Teaching investing to kids and teens is one of the biggest financial opportunities that your kid or teen may ever encounter. If your child has an allowance, then it’s even bigger. Every dollar that your kid or teen spends now could be worth $184 in 50 years at the average stock market return. Now imagine that they invest the $100 that Grandma got them… that would be a whopping $18,400! Now imagine if your teen invested the $1000 that they got from their part-time summer job. Wow!

So make sure to get a copy of Stock Market Investing For Kids and provide your kid or teen with the knowledge of the stock market that they need to harness the power of compound interest and make lots of money in the long term.