Stock Market Investing For Kids And Teens

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Investing in the stock market is a really uncommon thing for kids and teenagers to do. This book was written to change that.

This book is my next step in my goal of teaching kids and teenagers how to invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies. A lot of investing books for kids teach you the basics of stock market investing, but this book will go beyond that.

The basics of investing are the foundation, but you still need to know the strategies to be able to invest in a way that will actually be profitable, and ultimately bring you good fortune. (Possibly even make you a millionaire!)

Table Of Contents

Part 1

 I explain how stocks, stock exchanges, and the stock market work.

Part 2

 I explain the approach to investing that I have personally applied, and share my thoughts, lessons, and tips on how to effectively invest in the stock market with something called an ETF (more information about that later!).

Part 3

I explain how to analyze individual stocks. You will learn to look at the metrics, understand charts, study the news, and use all this data to pick good stocks and ETFs to buy.

Part 4

 I will give you actionable steps that will demonstrate exactly how to get started. I will also provide resources that will help you effectively analyze stocks and keep you updated with trends in the stock market.

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