Why Are You Skeptical To Invest?

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Investing for kids seems like a no-brainer to most adults (and some kids). However, there are reasons that you might be skeptical. All of these reasons to be skeptical are going to be solved in this article.


“I want to invest and make money, but I don’t want to lose all of my money in the stock market.”

You won’t lose all of your money if you invest in total stock market ETFs such as VTI that have an average return of 11% a year. You just need to diversify and not invest in all of your money in one stock. If all of the stocks in the United States were going to go out of business, you should probably put your money in bottled water and canned food with 100+ year expiry dates.


“I think it’s cool and I’ll make some money, but it’ll be too hard”

Investing For Kids By Kids was founded to help kids like you to learn how to invest. We’re working hard to provide you with the easiest path to wealth from investments as a kid.


“I want to, but I don’t have enough money to invest”

Investment accounts usually only require $1 to start investing. Also, consider using some of your spending money on stocks. $1 now is $184 in fifty years. That’s a 18,300% return! Think about it this way: with $400, you could buy a Playstation 5. With that money at 11% in 50 years, you’d have $73,500! That’s enough to buy a Chevrolet Corvette! If you use our affiliate link to set up a brokerage account, you’ll get $30!